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"Clear and Present"
"Sekute's Drift"
"Zebra Morning"
"Adam's Window"
"Lesedi Pitsi"
"Shared Dreams"
"Kipling Ghost"
"Morning Call"
"Soul Survivor"
"High Desert Wind"
"Got Your Back"
"Zero to Sixty"
"Savute Crossing"
"All You Need"
"Mosedi Gorata "Mother's Love""
"Borneo Lullaby"
"Morning Song"
"Young Cheetah, Namibia"
"Backward Glance"
"Heir to the Throne"
"Lion Dancer"
"One of my Own "
"King of Namib Cheetah "
"Crossing Limpopo"
"Stallion of Africa - Zebra "
"Force of Nature - Tiger"
"Chobe Sundowner - Elephant"
"Lion In Winter"
"Beautiful Friends "
"Denali Lovers - Wolves"
"Cheetah, Namibia"
"Only Child - Lion"
"Old Soul "
"Reckoning - Lion"
"She - Horse"
"Sisters - Lion"
"Tempest - Horse"
"Three Ladies of Savute - Lion"
"Warrior Queen - Lion"
"Zephyr - Horse"
"Windshift - Horse"
"Dreaming on the Equator - Monkey"
"Two Wild Dogs"
"Four Bachelors - Elephant"
"Brother's Keeper - Lion"
"African Ballet "
"Zambezi Crossing - Elephant"
"After the Battle"
"Sunset at Moremi - Elephant"
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