Wildlife Artist A E London
Portraits of the Wild

African and Endangered Species Wildlife Art by A. E. London

Welcome to the world of A.E.London, her art, and her passion for the conservation of endangered species. Here are works from the early part of her career, her Intaglio engravings, through to the impressionistic charcoal and watercolor of her latest works.You can also follow Anne on her adventures across the planet through her Journal.

A professional artist for over 39 years,Anne London has managed to successfully combine her two great passions ; art and animals.

Following a different path led her from her early film industry career in Los Angles and led her to working with actress,Tippi Hedren, founder of Shambala - a refuge for big cats, elephants and many other endangered species. It was here London realized that she could combine her two passions; art and animals.

That was over 30 years ago, and her trek has led her repeatedly to Africa and other wild locations - to witness firsthand and record the face of nature through her "Portraits of the Wild ". Read More >

Through her art and her passion for preserving the magic of our planet's wildlife, Anne 's international friendships and conservation partnerships have blossomed. It is those friendships and the wonderful folks that she meets through her art that she treasures most.

She travels to Africa regularly, bringing back her field sketches and photographs and basing the next year's "Portraits Of The Wild", on her intimate experiences out "in the bush". Besides gaining inspiration from wildlife in it's natural habitat,she works with local schools there to introduce art into the lives of school children,many for the first time in their lives.

Over the past 3 decades, she has won numerous critical awards both nationally and internationally. Anne is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, recognized as having attained the highest level of ability in the field of animal art and five years ago won the Society's prestigious, "Award of Excellence". One of her passions is sharing the beauty and majesty of Africa and it's wildlife with the other African Animal enthusiasts she meets on her travels. She has appeared in world wide media many times over her career as both an artist and Champion of animal rights. Anne is an active, signature member of Artists For Conservation,an organization which celebrates artistic excellence in the depiction of nature and directly supports individuals and organizations dedicated to animal conservation issues around the planet.

Her role in the preservation of our planet's endangered species is one she holds sacred.

For example she and Jim recently spent a month in the remote lowland swamps of Borneo researching the incredible Orangutan, learning more about their habitat and why they are so endangered. Several years ago she moved to a new environment and studio in Mandeville, Louisiana . Perhaps due to new spaces and energies, her art continues to evolve, utilizing new materials and techniques.

She returns to her beloved Africa each year with small groups of fellow conservationists and friends to gather new ideas and imerse herself again " in the wild". Two years ago , she and herhusband, Jim started a new program for African school children called "Arts For Animals". This groundbreaking project links "creativity with conservation" by teaching wildlife conservation stewardship ideas while developing children's artistic talents. With the messaage ,"OUR WILDLIFE -OUR HERITAGE -OUR FUTURE, Anne visited schools in remote areas to teach children to draw endangered and threatened animals while stressing the importance of preserving their African wildlife and habitats.

Today, that personal effort has grown into a internationally recognized non profit,"ARTS FOR ANIMALS"which reaches hundreds of African children and aims to change the attitude of all Africans toward their wildlife.For more information on ARTS FOR ANIMALS go to www.artsforanimals.com.

This year she is featured in galleries, shows and exhibitions throughout this country as well as in Guatemala, South Africa and Italy. Feel free to contact her if you would like to learn more about her schedule or her work.

We hope you enjoy your safari through this website and that you can briefly immerse yourself in the "wilds" of Anne's imagination and art.